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The Latins (Latin: Latini), sometimes known as the Latians, were an Italic tribe which included the early inhabitants of the city of Rome.From about 1000 BC, the Latins inhabited the small region known to the Romans as Old Latium (Latium Vetus), that is, the area between the river Tiber and the promontory of Mount Circeo 100 kilometres (62 mi) SE of Rome.

The Latins (or Latini) were sprung from those Indo-European tribes that, during the 2nd millennium bc, came to settle in the Italian peninsula. By the first centuries of the 1st millennium bc, the Latins had developed as a separate people, originally established on the mass of the Alban Hills, which was isolated.

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The Romans were Latins. The foundation of Rome was said to have involved a fusion between Latins and some Sabines who lived no two of the Seven Hills of Rome. These Sabines became latinised.

The Latin people were important in the times of ancient Rome because the Romans were (and still are) Latins. What tribe found ancient rome? I think it was the Latins but I'm not sure.