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11 Most Gay Friendly Cities In The World There are many cities around the world that welcome and embrace the gay community. We took a number of factors into consideration and created a list of the 11 Most Gay Friendly Cities In The World.

Home > Top 10 > Gay Cities. Top 10 Gay Cities in the World. Islands like Mykonos and Lesbos have long been top gay destinations for some fun in the sun among gays and lesbians. But gay travelers no longer have to escape to island paradises to have a gay old time. Cities are now the favorite places to go, with so many of them having predominantly gay neighborhoods offering urban pleasures, gay.

Aug 21, 2019 · Looking for the most gay-friendly cities to visit on your next trip? We asked the top LGBT travel bloggers from around to world to recommend the cities and destinations they really love. From Pride festivals in Auckland to the clubs of Berlin, there’s a rainbow-coloured spectrum of inclusive destinations waiting to be discovered.

Berlin. Berlin, aka “The City of Freedom,” has shed its difficult past to become one of the most open and tolerant cities in the world. The LGBTQ scene is flourishing in the German capital with countless gay bars, gay clubs, museums, rainbow neighborhoods, and events.

In our travel guide you will find that most of the gay nightclubs and businesses are predominantly in the two-mile wide area between 7th Avenue on the West and 7th Street to the East. The Biltmore neighborhood and the Mill Avenue District are considered very gay-friendly as well.