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Breast reduction safety: I've been put to sleep in the past for a c-section 2012 and a keloid removal (2015). Ive been put to sleep in the past for a c section 2012 and a keloid removal (2015) will things be as safe as those procedures if im getting a breast reduction?

If you do suffer keloid formation, there are effective scar reduction methods, which can reduce, or even completely eliminate, the mark from your breast or body. Noninvasive scar treatments are usually preferred for keloid removal, since any surgical method might .

Some 4 years previously, she had undergone breast conserving surgery followed by adjuvant radiotherapy for breast cancer. After her breast reduction surgery, she developed keloid scarring on the non-irradiated breast only. This case highlights a possible 'preventative' effect of Cited by: 2.

I had a chance to review your question and followup comment regarding the keloid scar around the nipple after breast reduction. I noted that you have had taping and Kenalog without results. For refractory keloids there is a very effective treatment which will require some minor surgery.

Scar Treatments & Keloid Prevention. Many people believe that Topical Vitamin E will help with their scars, and that is fine for some, it very well may. However, a study published in Dermatologic Surgery (04/99) reported that topical Vitamin E had no effect and even worsened the appearance of incision lines/scars in 90% of cases. An additional.