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Jul 18, 2017 · What causes breast pain? According to the Breast Cancer Foundation, breast pain can include tenderness, discomfort, or any pain occurring in the underarm or breast region, which can be caused by a number of factors. In almost all cases, the burning sensation in breast affects the outer and upper area of your breasts, but the sensation can at times spread to your arms.

There are a lot of causes for burning sensation in breast, which may range from benign to even life threatening. It is thus essential that any unexplained breast pain must be diagnosed by an expert medical professional and treated accordingly. Know the causes and ways to get rid of burning sensation in breast.

Jul 27, 2017 · If a woman is consistently experiencing a burning sensation in her breasts, she needs to point this out to her physician because it is possible that the sensation is the outcome of an underlying medical problem, according to Wrongdiagnosis.com.

Burning sensation in breasts is a common symptom experienced by women. There are various factors that can cause breast pain, including infection, clogged milk ducts, benign cysts or cancer. Medical consultation is important for proper treatment.

One possible cause of a burning sensation in the breast is mastitis -- breast infection. These infections most commonly occur in women who are breastfeeding -- infant suckling can damage the skin around the nipple, allowing a point of entry for bacteria.