Sexual Dysfunction: An Overlooked Side Effect of MS - multiple sclerosis and sexual dysfunction


Sexual dysfunction in women with multiple sclerosis: Dimensions and contributory factors multiple sclerosis and sexual dysfunction

Home» MS Information» Symptoms» Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms» Sexual Dysfunction. Sexual Dysfunction Physical Symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction. Sexuality and intimacy have an important impact on the quality of life for nearly everyone, including those with .

Sexual dysfunction is a common symptom in MS, affecting as many as 85% of men and 50% to 75% of women living with MS. In one recent study, about 70% of people with MS report one or more sexual problems that got in the way of sexual performance or pleasure much of the time.

Sexual dysfunction is common in people with MS and is important to assess because patients may be relunctant to self-report. The Psychosocial Implications for sexual dysfunction symptoms are.

Sexual relations are a sensitive — and difficult — topic for people with MS, just as they are for people in general. But in multiple sclerosis, damage to nerve impulses can directly affect.

May 19, 2009 · Sexual dysfunction is a common and very distressing symptom that affects up to 70 percent of men and women living with multiple sclerosis. MS can affect sexuality, sexual functions, and Author: Lisa Emrich.