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Life with Aspergers: How a Lack of Executive Functioning May Appear in Young Adults executive function assistance asperger adult

Nov 30, 2011 · Eating, sleeping, moving and toileting for example, aren't classed as "executive functions". While executive functioning provides many advantages, it's not so critical in the pure "animal" sense. It's people and society that has made executive functioning critical in humans. How a Lack of Executive Functioning Could Manifest in Young AdultsAuthor: Gavin Bollard.

What causes trouble with Executive Functioning? 1,2 Some people are born with weak executive function. People with ADHD, depression, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or learning disabilities often have executive functioning weaknesses. Difficulty with executive functioning has also been associated with adult Bipolar Disorder and OCD.

Weak executive function skills (Executive Function Disorder, or EFD) can affect people of any degree of intelligence and capability. That being said, EFD is significantly more common in children with Asperger Syndrome (AS) as compared to neurotypical children (Attwood, 2006).

Real-World Executive Functions in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Profiles of Impairment and Associations with Adaptive Functioning and Co-morbid Anxiety and Depression Gregory L. Wallace, 1, 2 Lauren Kenworthy, 3 Cara E. Pugliese, 3 Haroon S. Cited by: 77.

Executive Dysfunction What Does Executive Function Disorder Look Like in Adults? People with executive dysfunction often experience time blindness, or an inability to plan for and keep in mind future events. If those symptoms sound familiar, keep reading.Author: Janice Rodden.