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Aug 22, 2018 · This qualitative study delivers insight into the range of barriers to learning that adults face, as well as their motivations and triggers for learning. It also presents adults’ recommendations Author: Department For Education.

Learn Locals network in Australia tries to make the difficult first step – entering adult education for the first time – it is a bit easier for the disadvantaged learners, by offering a free lunch every week.

Attention to the quality of the learning environment (both the physical and human dimensions) is critical to positive outcomes for adult disadvantaged learners in basic education. It is necessary to understand the characteristics of the adult disadvantaged student, his/her social and cultural or ethnic background, and how these factors influence his/her classroom behavior and learning ability.

Integrating Disadvantaged Ethnicities through Adult Learning. Integrating Disadvantaged Ethnicities through Adult Learning: IDEAL. IDEAL is a programme for social integration, based on the participatory pedagogical method Themis, which is characterised by its use of creative sense-activating didactic tools, a semi-structured curriculum, and a mother-tongue-based dual language approach.

A grown-up’s guide to adult learning some are from disadvantaged backgrounds and others may be relatively well off but be looking to expand their skills. Aontas Irish National Adult Author: Peter Mcguire.