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How to Create a Barbie Doll. Have you ever wandered through the toy section at your local department store and noticed the incredible number of different dolls available? Have you ever looked at the Barbie dolls in particular and thought, "I could design one of those if I just knew how"? Designing barbie dolls.

You can custom doll to your own specifications! Here you find a range of body shapes, choose one of them, then you can select a beautiful head to match with, followed by other specifications. The Custom Doll Process? 1. Choose a sex doll body. 2. Select a beautiful sex doll head. 3. Choose a sex doll skin color. 4. Select her hairstyle. 5.

After all, a sex doll is a significant investment and it is only natural that you want to be able to form a close bond with your doll, something that is more likely when the doll closely matches your fantasies. That’s why we offer the ability to design a custom sex doll according to your own personal tastes.

Jun 29, 2017 · A Guide to Designing Your Own Custom Sex Dolls. If you visited a sex store in the 1980s your choice of sex doll would have been restricted to a simple inflatable with a comic open mouth, fixed position and chances of deflating (or puncturing) mid-action a distinct probability.