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How Often Should You Have Blood Work Done? Your doctor will recommend which blood tests you should have and how often. Generally, if your cholesterol is normal, you can repeat this test every five years. However, you should be tested annually if you have unhealthy levels or if you have a family history of heart disease or high cholesterol.

How Often Should you Have Blood Tests? Often blood tests are ignored during the annual medical check-ups and even if the physician orders a blood test it’s just the routine one. Many times this blood work does not test for important markers of disease risk. Disability and death can be the consequences of failing to analyze blood for Author: Positivemed.

Do Healthy Cats Need Blood Work Once a Year? by Quentin Coleman. Cats hate being stabbed with needles, but getting sick is worse. Blood work isn't just for ailing felines, healthy ones should have it done too. Routine blood tests aren't required by law and many cats stay healthy without them, but there are also plenty of good reasons to have.

Sep 13, 2009 · Why you should just say no to "routine blood work" You're at your family doctor's office to have a complete physical. Maybe you're starting a new job, or have recently joined a wellness program in your community, or it's been more than a few years since you've had a checkup and you (or your spouse or significant other) just want to make sure Author: Kennylin.

There are variations about this depending on the doctor's preference and the patients family history. For example if you have a strong family history of heart disease, your doctor may decide to get the lipid panel at an earlier age. Another yearly blood test that is done for most people is a test for sugar diabetes (the hemoglobin a1c).